Bulletin 1

January 1995

TO: Participating Employers

FROM: Office of the Administrative Manager

RE: Monthly Pension Reporting Requirements

This is the first in a series of Information Bulletins issued to assist employers in preparing reporting forms and in understanding other aspects of the administration of the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust.

When completing your reporting form(s), certain information is required by the Trust. Please confirm that the correct name, social security number and local union number are listed for each employee. For employees newly hired or rehired, you must also provide a hire dateaddress, sex and date of birth. This information is vital for actuarial purposes and for required Trust mailings to participants. Likewise, termination dates are needed for each employee who terminates during the month. The total amount being remitted for each employee must be written in the amount due column. Consult your labor agreement for the terms and conditions for calculating contributions per employee. Please confirm that the total of the amounts due for each employee adds up to exactly the amount of your check (less any adjustments). The original copy of the reporting form, along with your check for the total due, is to be sent to the address in the upper left corner of the reporting form.

If no bargaining unit employees were compensated during the month, please return the form with a notation to that effect. Otherwise, the administrative office will consider your account delinquent for the month. If you do not receive a reporting form by the fifth of the month, contact your Administrative Office. Contributions are due even if you do not receive the form on time.

If you use your own computer-generated reporting form in place of the Trust produced form, it must contain all of the information outlined above. In addition, the Trust requires that the report submitted be an original, legible for microfilming (carbon copies are not suitable). Your report, along with the Trust reporting form and your check, should be mailed to the address indicated.

If you are submitting payment for multiple accounts with a single check, be sure to indicate the amount due for each account on page one of each report. Also, an itemized listing or tape showing the breakdown and the check total should be attached. Finally, if your labor agreement has expired and you are aware of a Pension rate increase in the upcoming agreement, you may pay the higher rate even though the new rate is not printed on the reporting form. If you choose to pay the higher rate, please indicate the change on the form.

We ask that you review the information presented and retain this Bulletin for future consultation. You should contact the accounting supervisor in your Administrative Office with any questions that arise.