Plan Forms and Documents for Employers

Plan Forms

Employer-Union Pension Certification Form

Acceptable Contract Language NEW

Participation Agreement for Employers in the Construction Industry Involved in Project Agreements

Request for Estimate of Potential Employer Withdrawal Liability

Instructions for Preparing Pension Reporting Forms

Certificate of Complete Severance and Termination of Employment for Employers

Notification of Production Completion Form NEW

Notification of Job Completion Form NEW

Past Employment Data (PED) Form

Plan Documents

Summary Plan Description (English Version) NEW

Folleto Resumido del Plan (versión en español) NEW

Summary of Plan Changes (April 2021)

Resumen de cambios del Plan (versión en español) (Abril 2021)

Highlights of the WCT Pension Trust Fund (English Version)

Características generales de WCT Pension Trust Fund (versión en español)

Basic Introduction to the WCT Pension Plan

Memorandum to Participating Employers RE: United States Postal Service Delays – August 2020

Report to Contributing Employers

Agreement & Declaration of Trust

Notice of Election of Special Funding Rules Under the Pension Relief Act of 2010

How the WCT Pension Plan Compares to a 401(k)

Letter from Employer Chairman to Contributing Employers RE: Need for Timely Payments – July 2019

IRS Determination Letter dated June 30, 2015

Multiemployer Pension Plan “FASB” Disclosures

Form 5500

Audited Financial Statements

Actuarial Report

PPA Actuarial Certification with Explanation NEW

Annual Funding Notice - ERISA Section 101(f) NEW

Notice of Summary Plan Information - ERISA Section 104(d)

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