Frequently Asked Questions


Here are questions that Plan beneficiaries often ask.

Q. Does the Plan pay death benefits to the beneficiaries named in a participant's will?
A. The Plan only pays death benefits to persons named as Plan beneficiaries on the Beneficiary Designation Form supplied by the Plan and received by an Administrative Office before the eligible participant's death. Click here for more information.

Q. If I have automatic bank deposit, when are my electronic benefit payments credited to my account?
A. Electronic benefit payments (EFTs) are sent to your bank in time to be credited on the first banking day of the month. For example, if the first of the month falls on a Sunday, your EFT will be credited on the following Monday (except holidays). In most cases, the bank posts payments to your account that same day.

Q. If I don’t have automatic bank deposit, when are my benefit checks mailed?
A. Benefit checks are mailed five business days before the first of the month. If your checks are sent by mail, they may not always arrive by the first. If your check is late, wait until the fifth of the month before calling Prudential Financial’s toll-free number at (800) 336-3387. If you lose your check or know that it is stolen call the toll-free number immediately.

Q. Are child survivor benefits payable if a Plan participant dies and is not yet vested?
A. Even though a participant is not yet vested, his or her children may be eligible to receive a child survivor benefit if the participant had recent coverage upon death and other Plan requirements are met. Family members should contact the Administrative Office in the event of a Plan participant's death.

Q. Must taxes be withheld from my benefits?
A. Under federal tax law, Plan benefits are subject to federal income tax withholding. Some states also require income tax withholding on pensions. When you receive your Option Election Packet, you’ll have more information about income tax withholding.

Q. How do I change my tax withholding?

A. Once you are retired, you can call Prudential Financial at (800) 336-3387 and they can make the change in your withholding over the phone.

Q. When do child survivor benefits end?
A. The survivor benefit for each child stops when the child reaches age 18. However if the child becomes disabled before age 18 and is receiving a Social Security disability benefit based on the participant’s earnings record, the survivor benefit will continue for as long as the child remains eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Once a child’s benefit stops, the survivor benefit for that child is divided among any remaining eligible children. Child survivor benefits stop altogether when there are no longer any eligible children (usually when the youngest child reaches age 18).