Employer-Union Pension Certification Form

Employer-Union Pension Certification Form

Once you download the form to your computer, you can fill it in, print it, have it signed and dated, and mail it back to an Administrative Office.

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Instructions for the Bargaining Parties

Be sure all sections of the form are completed. If you have questions concerning how to complete the form, contact your Administrative Office. When the document is printed, a second page will also be produced. This second page contains the Trustee Policy on the Acceptance of Pension Contributions (Trustee Policy). The Trustee Policy must accompany the E-U form when it is presented to the employer or union for signature. The ORIGINAL executed document must be sent to your Administrative Office to be retained in the Pension Trust files. (You cannot send the form via email.)

Please note the middle section of the E-U form, which applies to the entity under which employers operate, has been expanded to include the categories of Public Entity (governmental agency) and Limited Liability Company (LLC).

The Acceptable Contract Language document contains the governing policy of the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust, key points to remember regarding contribution requirements and required Trust documents, and approved labor agreement language for your use.

Feel free to contact your Administrative Office if you have questions regarding this process. Paper copies of the E-U form are available upon request from your Administrative Office.