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Important Notice

The Plan Summary explains the important provisions of the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Plan (WCTPT), including changes made in recent years, and replaces earlier summaries. It helps you understand what you need to know and do for you and your family to get the most from your Plan benefits.

Whenever you have questions, contact your Administrative Office.

More complete Plan information may be found in the official Plan documents available for inspection at your Administrative Office. Refer to the Plan Documents section for an explanation of the procedures for inspecting and obtaining copies of the Plan documents. All Plan benefits are subject to the terms of the official Plan documents, which govern in case of errors in these materials.

Note: The benefits described on this web site are available only to Plan participants who retire with a pension effective date on or after December 31, 2023 or to the beneficiaries of those who are not yet retired but die after that date (unless noted otherwise). In general, if you retired before 2024, benefits for you and your Plan beneficiaries are described in earlier Plan summaries. However, if you are retired and return to work, you need to read the reemployment and suspension of benefits rules in the Working After You Retire section. If you have questions about the benefits you are receiving, contact your Administrative OfficeClick here for retiree information.

Special Reminders

Mailing Address

You are responsible for keeping your Administrative Office informed about changes to your mailing address so you’ll receive important information about your Plan. Even if you retire or stop covered employment, make sure your Administrative Office has your current mailing address on file.

If you are moving, send address changes in writing (with your Social Security number) to your Administrative Office. You can also download and print a Change of Address Form from the Contact page.

If you are an alternate payee under a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) with respect to a Plan participant or retiree, you must also inform your Administrative Office of any changes in your mailing address.

Beneficiary Designation

Be sure to designate your Plan beneficiary even if you are new to the Plan. Your Plan’s official Beneficiary Designation Form is the only way to name your Plan beneficiary or cancel a previous designation. Contact your Administrative Office to verify your beneficiary designation or to request a new form. You can also download and print a Beneficiary Designation Form from this website. Designations made on forms used by other pension or health and welfare trusts, or for other union benefits such as life insurance, are not accepted by this Plan. Your Administrative Office must receive your signed Beneficiary Designation Form before your death for changes to be effective. Click here for more information.

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Si usted necesita ayuda para entender esta información, comuníquese con su Oficina Administrativa. Haga clic aquí para la dirección y número de teléfono.