FASB Disclosures

This document discloses information about the WCT Pension Plan that is commonly sought for use in the pension footnote of a company’s financial statements [as prescribed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)].

Multiemployer Pension Plan "FASB" Disclosures

Documentation supporting the information contained in this document can be found in various other Trust documents (Actuarial report, Agreement and Declaration of Trust, Audited Financial Statement, Annual Funding Notice, the Notice to Employers and Union letter containing 104(d), Pension Plan Act documentation, and Form 5500) which can be downloaded from the Trust website. Click here to view ALL available Plan Documents

In addition:

This is the form for Employers to request an estimate of Potential Withdrawal Liability.

Employer Request for Estimate of Potential Withdrawal Liability

This is the form for Local Unions to request an estimate of an Employer’s Potential Withdrawal Liability.

Local Union Request for Estimate of Potential Employer Withdrawal Liability

Once you download the forms to your computer, you can fill them in, print them, sign and date them, and mail them back to an Area Administrative Office. (You cannot send forms via e-mail.)

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