Funding Status [stage]

Your Plan is in the Green Zone

In 2006, Congress passed a law called the Pension Protection Act (PPA) that requires all pension plans to measure their funding ratios in new, more stringent ways. One important ratio compares the value of Plan assets to the value of all Plan benefits earned to date by all participants. Based in part on this ratio, pension plans fall into one of four “zones,” or categories, indicating their relative strength. These four zones are Green (the strongest category), Yellow (endangered status), Red (critical status), or Deep Red (critical and declining). The Plan’s actuary has determined that the Plan’s funding ratio and other barometers of financial health place it in the Green Zone for 2023, as it has been every year since the zones were introduced.

See below for a copy of the Actuary's letter on Plan Funding Status and 2023 Funding Certification required by the PPA.

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