Diversity Provides Strength

Employers from many different industries contribute to your Pension Plan. This diversity is important, especially during economic downturns. Your Plan’s stability is not tied to one or a few industries, which means greater funding strength.

This chart shows your Plan’s percentage of employers within many different industries.*

One Plan, Many Industries


Today more than 1,400 employers contribute to the Pension Trust on behalf of covered workers, in 29 states across the United States.

Pension benefits are completely portable when you work for an employer who contributes to the Plan. You can continue Plan coverage even though you may change from one participating employer or participating local union to another in many different jobs and industries. Click here to learn about special rules that can protect your benefits while you are away from covered employment.

When your Plan started in 1955, its earliest employers included breweries and beer distributors, bottlers, soft drink, bread and bakery distributors, freight and warehousing, grocery, transfer and storage, sand and gravel, petroleum and paper companies.

Today many different industries add diversity and strength. This is just one more reason why the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Plan is strong and secure.