Plan Facts

Plan Facts

The Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Plan provides flexibility and security both for retirement and other times in your life:

All Contributions Made by Your Employer
Each month, your employer makes collectively bargained basic contributions for your covered employment. Most employers also make separate PEER contributions to help pay for enhanced benefits through the Program for Enhanced Early Retirement.

Benefits Grow Based on Covered Employment 
The longer you stay in covered employment, the more dollars are contributed and the higher your benefits will be. Today, benefits are based on a percentage of contributions paid into the Plan on your behalf.

Benefits Are Portable
Your covered employment can be with any participating employer.

Plan Allows Flexibility
You can retire as early as age 55— or sooner if you qualify under the Rule of 84 or PEER. Or you can retire later and build a higher benefit.

Choice of Payment Options
When you retire, you have several choices on how benefits are paid that allow flexibility based on your age and marital status.

Disability Retirement Benefits
If you are vested with recent coverage and leave covered employment due to total and permanent disability, you may receive disability retirement benefits.

Death and Survivor Benefits
Whether you die before or after retirement, your family or beneficiary may be eligible to receive Plan benefits.