Bulletin 12

December 2013

TO: Participating Employers

FROM: Office of the Administrative Manager

RE: Monthly Pension Reporting Requirements

This is a continuation of a series of Informational Bulletins issued to assist employers in submitting monthly Pension reports and in understanding other aspects of the administration of the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust.

As part of the Administrative Offices’ ongoing efforts to increase security of Trust records, the monthly reporting forms will no longer be preprinted with your employees’ entire Social Security Number. As of January 2014, the Social Security Numbers will be formatted to list only the last four digits of the number.

When completing your reporting form(s), certain information is still required by the Trust. Please confirm that the correct name, last four digits of the social security number and local union number are listed for each employee. For employees who are newly hired or rehired, you must provide the entire Social Security Number along with the date of hire, address, gender, and date of birth. This information is needed to enroll the employee into the Plan and for required Trust mailings to participants. Likewise, termination dates are needed for each employee who terminates employment with your firm. The total amount being remitted for each employee must be written in the amount due column. Please consult your labor agreement for the terms and conditions for calculating pension contributions per employee and confirm the total amount due for each employee adds up to exactly the amount of your check less any adjustments. The original copy of the reporting form, along with your check for the total amount due, must be sent to the address in the upper left corner of the reporting form.

If your firm reports to the Trust electronically, this method continues to be a secure and accurate manner for transferring data. When providing your data to the Trust, it is a necessity that you continue to provide your employees’ entire Social Security Number.

If you should have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Pension Accounting Department in your Administrative Office.