Questions About Statements

Q. My Personal Benefit Statement shows that 2,080 hours were paid on my behalf last year. But I actually worked more hours than that. Are contributions made for overtime?
A. Your Personal Benefit Statement only shows the hours for which pension contributions were paid. Your collective bargaining agreement may not require your employer to contribute on overtime hours. Or it may have a monthly or yearly maximum on the number of hours that require pension contributions.

Q. My benefit statement only shows my hours from last year. How do I check on hours from earlier years?
A. Write or call your Administrative Office and request a Work History Statement that shows all the covered hours paid on your behalf. Don’t forget to provide your Social Security number.

Q. I'm near retirement. Since there are no benefit projections on my statement, how can I estimate my retirement benefits?
A. You can request either a complete Estimate of Benefits or a list of your covered hours by year from your Administrative Office. This chart gives you an idea of how much a year of covered work provides in future benefits: Your monthly benefit earned based on different contribution rates.